A new report from SONAR™ finds that political advertising may make brand advertising less effective.

Amid a turbulent political season, it’s imperative that brands reckon with how political advertising can affect perception of not just campaigns but the brand as a whole. According to a survey conducted by SONAR™ in partnership with Forethought, when a brand advertisement was immediately preceded by a political advertisement:

– The brand’s ad was seen as 32% less relevant and 14% less likable
– Brand reputation was rated 35% lower
– Perceived product quality fell by 24%

The findings were true even of political advertising with positive messages, which still generated negative emotions in consumers. Consumers were asked to rate an Extra gum ad, “The Story of Sarah and Juan,” as a test.

The “hangover effect” suggests that political ads evoke emotional reactions that are difficult for consumers to compartmentalize.

Download the full report here.