Auto brands expand, fake news, the Fifth Ave flagship.

–In Norway’s top biking city, the Lillestrøm Bicycle Hotel  will make it easier for commuters to store bikes on the go. Via Wired.

–A Target in Pennsylvania will host special shopping times for individuals on the autism spectrum, with dimmed lights and reduced store volume. Via the Mighty.

–MINI and Jaguar have both launched new design-focused startup hubs, Dezeen reports, as “car brands look to move beyond the automotive field.”

Digiday believes agencies need to step up against fake news: “If your advertising is adjacent to media that lacks credibility, you lose credibility as well.”

–The Fifth Avenue flagship is an evolving mainstay, writes Glossy, with Rent the Runway and Adidas opening customized spaces with brand experiences this month.

–The Wall Street Journal digs into Starbucks’ transition from mid-market to high-end coffee.

–JustEat has made its first food delivery using autonomous wheeling robots. Via TechCrunch.

Well+Good released the top wellness trends for 2017, including anti-inflammation, sober cocktails and “workleisure…”

–…and Pirelli released its annual calendar, which is “concentrating more pointedly on age, and in the process flouting fashion’s last taboo,” writes the New York Times.

–Sci-fi writer Liu Cixin believes “the robot revolution has begun—even if no one has noticed yet.” Via the New York Times.

–Creative agency Milk Studios is entering cosmetics with its edgy, low-maintenance Milk Makeup line. Fast Company takes an inside look.

–The much-awaited Amazon Go is now here. Via Reuters.