Pantone evolves, parental leave, the ads of the year

–In Germany, the Patrick Henry Village is planning a “commune for digital sharing,” a tech-centric experiment in city design. Via the BBC.

–Is the workplace ready for augmented reality? According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 14 million workers will use “smart glasses” by 2025.

Glossy breaks down Pantone’s transformation from color lab to consumer-facing brand.

–American Express will expand all parental leave to 20 weeks, Fast Company writes, as “we can no longer afford to keep highly educated women out of the workforce.”

Adweek rounds up the best ads of the year.

–Amazon is rolling out its $5.99/month Amazon Prime Video service globally. Via the Hollywood Reporter.

–Brexterity hits the holidays: Lego prices in the UK are set to rise by 5%, according to Sky News.

Ars Technica reviews Late Shift, the first interactive movie to hit the big screen.

–”Minimizing spending and still leading a fulfilling life — this kind of mindset has already seeped into Japanese society.” Via Business of Fashion.

–How did restaurants that adopted no-tipping policies fare this year? The New York Times investigates.

–Uber’s self-driving car took a test drive in San Francisco and ran a red light. Via Recode.

The Atlantic shares a four-letter theory that makes anything “cool”.

–What is the Calabrian spread nduja, and why is it suddenly everywhere? Via Bloomberg.