Culinary beer, Chinese entrepreneurship, ethical AI.

–Gap and BMW are both experimenting with AR-assisted “try before you buy” powered by Google’s new Tango technology, Bloomberg writes.

–Just five months after launch, Instagram’s Stories will now show ads to its 150 million daily users. Via Mashable.

–In Chicago, the first Michelin-starred brewhouse is changing the game for culinary beer. Via Punch.

–Uber’s CEO sees “more entrepreneurship happening in China than in Silicon Valley” over the next five years. Via Bloomberg.

–Tech giants, including the founders of eBay and LinkedIn, are funding new research into ethical AI. Via Engadget.

–In an ironic twist, Amazon is expanding its brick-and-mortar business in NYC. Via the New York Times.

–…Along the same lines, Alibaba is snapping up department store chains, Bloomberg writes.

–Carlo Ratti Associati’s latest concept is a floating gym powered by workouts. Via the Huffington Post.

Mashable tracks down the social media manager turning up the heat on Wendy’s’ Twitter.

Fast Company tracks down 11 beauty innovators to watch in 2017.

–Civilized is the new publication that wants to be the “Vanity Fair of cannabis culture.” Via Adweek.

–In DC, a new interactive art exhibit tries to show what street harassment feels like. Via WAMU.

–Is Netflix contributing to our “self-constructed bubbles of reality”? The New York Times investigates.