Lego life, brands get political, mobile adblocking arrives.

–San Francisco’s first robo-barista just set up shop, courtesy of Hong Kong’s Cafe X. Via Grubstreet.

–The Neiman Marcus Group just withdrew its IPO, Business of Fashion writes. Is this the beginning of a “day of reckoning” for fashion mega-chains?

–A new study finds that while rare in the US, mobile adblocking in Asia surged by 40% last year. Via Nieman Lab.

–Nike and Starbucks, two of America’s biggest brands, threw their support behind refugees and immigrants during an “unprecedented time.” Via Campaign.

Wired goes behind the scenes at Lego Life, a “carefully crafted ecosystem” that hopes to make the internet safe for children again.

–Battle of the e-commerce giants: Walmart is going directly after Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping with no membership fee. Via Recode.

–The team behind the Vespa is back, with a small robot that functions like “a smart land drone.” Via the Wall Street Journal.

–Amazon’s new $20/month subscription service sends a curated selection of STEM-themed toys to “encourage your child to learn through play.” Via Wired.

–”There is nothing like this which will improve your body’s detoxification system:” A doctor debunks detox diets, in the Guardian.

–’Edtech,’ or education technology) is surging. But do products actually work? The Wall Street Journal investigates.

–Hater is the dating app that matches users based on mutual dislikes. Via New York Magazine.

–A pair of engineers hacked a meditation device to let viewers select a Netflix show with their minds. Via Mashable.

–Finally: A “smart” knob that can tell whether or not you left the oven on. Via the Verge.