Tech Stands Up, digital ad spend, the smart condom.

Art News calls the 2017 Whitney Biennial “the biennial on the brink.” Capturing the political and social anxieties facing artists today; it is a show “in a period of transition, with violence cresting, identities in flux, and some brave souls hatching plans.”

–In the era of “fake news,” what role do alternative history shows play? The Economist investigates.

–Can Silicon Valley turn its newfound political awareness into action? Tech Stands Up kicks off in the Bay Area. Via Fast Company.

–Digital ad spending will increase 16% this year to $83 million, writes the Wall Street Journal, led by Google and Facebook but fueled by “explosive growth” from Snapchat.

–i.Con is a new smart condom from British Condoms that brings wearable technology into the bedroom. Via Dezeen.

–Visa’s new contactless payment-enabled sunglasses will debut at the 2017 World Surf League competition. Via the Verge.

–The “fourth industrial revolution,” an era of automation and connectivity, is underway in Singapore. Via Racked.

–Norman Foster, a British star architect, will soon add a new airport to his resume: Mexico City. Via Bloomberg Businessweek.

–McCann Japan unveiled the first mindfulness meditation robot at SXSW. Via The Drum.

–Android users can now send and receive $$$ through Gmail, writes TechCrunch.

–A new furniture brand from Alexander Lotersztain is designed for millennials to “balance between our tech world and something that still connect us emotionally.” Via Dezeen.

–Google-owned Deep Mind is “not sounding hugely confident” on its ability to protect the health data it access from the UK’s National Health Service, writes TechCrunch.

–Malls are monitoring customer smartphones to personalize advertisements and compete with online shopping, the Wall Street Journal writes.

–Google’s new Family Link software gives parents a “remote control” over their children’s online habits. Via the Wall Street Journal.

Installation view of Pope.L aka William Pope.L, Claim (Whitney Version), 2017. Whitney Biennial 2017, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, March 13-June 11, 2017. Collection of the artist; courtesy Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York. Photograph by Matthew Carasella.