OK Google ads, stress pods, experiential color.

Newsweek calls Reddit’s April Fools prank, a massive collaborative digital art project created by its users, “the Internet’s best experiment yet.”

–What is causing the great “retail meltdown” of 2017? The Atlantic investigates.

–”OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?” Burger King’s latest ad reaches into the living room to interact with smart assistants. Via the New York Times.

–UNStudio founder Ben van Berkle believes more US companies will install stress pods, as stress-related illnesses cost the US economy $300 billion per year. Via Dezeen.

–”Experiential color is here to stay—and as it intertwines further with wellness, you may be using a color wheel to determine your next dose of chromotherapy.” Via WGSN.

–The FDA reversed a key decision on direct-to-consumer genetic testing, allowing companies like 23andMe to give consumers a risk profile for genetic diseases. Via MIT Technology Review.

TechCrunch profiles MindMaze, a startup that stands to reap billions by translating emotional expression into virtual reality.

–Tesla, the electric car upstart, saw its valuation surge on Monday, passing Ford and GM to top the auto charts. Via the New York Times.

New York Magazine profiles Getty Images’ Pam Grossman, the “trend forecaster who creates your sense of ‘normal.’”

–Ford enters baby tech with a smart crib that simulates being rocked to sleep in a car. Via Dezeen.

–What do teens like? According to a Piper Jaffrey survey, Chick-Fil-A and Nike are in; Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines are out. Via CNBC.

–According to a new survey from IBM, 70% of consumers said “branded digital interactions were disappointing,” including VR and voice. Via Campaign.

–Marriott will offer luxury pop-up tents at Coachella, the company’s first partnership with the music festival. Via Condé Nast Traveler.

–The Singapore Tourist Board is creating a travel guide based on emotional reactions, measured via brain activity. Via Condé Nast Traveler.