WeWork in China, toxic masculinity, Gorpcore.

–Is “Designed in California” the new “made in Italy”? London’s Design Museum explores the impact of California design from the counterculture to science to Silicon Valley. Via Dezeen.

–An AI was trained to write ad copy used to target scientists and engineers for Mirai, Toyota’s car of the future. Via Adweek.

–WeWork lands in China with promises to “definitely keep growing at the same pace, if not even faster.” Via Shanghai Daily.

–Axe’s “Is It Okay For Guys?” campaign challenges toxic masculinity in another signal of the brand’s shift in messaging. Via Adweek.

The Cut christens Gorpcore, the defiant aesthetic of hiking apparel that has captured celebrities and stylists alike.

–Is Silicon Valley irrelevant? Far from it: The New York Times argues that companies like Google are, in fact, building the infrastructure of the future.

–As society moves to de-stigmatize menstruation, these activists are calling for more scrutiny around the ingredients in tampons. Via the New York Times.

Punch Magazine rounds up the 5 best beer can cocktails.

–”We’re applying computer vision technology not just to identify an ingredient, but show you how to make the dish itself.” Pinterest Lens launches this week to ID recipes based solely on user-submitted images. Via Fast Company.

–Why is Samsung pivoting from smartphones to medicine and pharmaceuticals? Bloomberg investigates.

–Some brands are going straight to influencers to create campaigns, cutting out the agency altogether. Via Digiday.

–Plum is the new fintech startup betting that millennials will want to manage their finances using Facebook Messenger. Via TechCrunch.

Image: Luke Hayes