A new video from the Innovation Group creates the voice-controlled ecosystem of the future.

What is the future of voice technology? Some imagine a world where the on-demand assistant permeates consumer life, listening throughout the day to operate as a virtual assistant: creating grocery lists, drafting emails, integrating with other ‘smart’ systems, and advertising and ordering new products.

In fact, this future may not be far off. Voice technology is fast evolving beyond rudimentary Q&As. Voice connectivity has already expanded to cars and refrigerators.  The Amazon Echo Look, announced in April, offers hands-free photo and video with a built-in virtual fashion assistant; the Echo Show’s connected screen offers new possibilities for video integration.

Voice technology holds great potential to connect brands with consumers. Already, 37% of smartphone users use some form of voice technology at least once a month. A new video from the Innovation Group imagines the future where consumers interact with voice-controlled assistants as easily as they do with each other.

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Speak Easy was created in partnership between the J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group London and Mindshare Futures. The study features behavioral insights from a survey of more than 1,000 UK smartphone owners from SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary research tool, as well cognitive insights from a brain-imaging analysis conducted with Neuro-Insight. Download the full report here.