Dads in the media, Instagram for doctors, the mall of the future.

–Launched in Shanghai, the Moby Mart is mobile, self-driving, unstaffed, powered by AI, and being hailed as the “grocery store of the future.” Via Fast Company.

–”It’s now increasingly common to see a cocktail, a bowl of pasta, or a tuna steak with the name of a restaurant emblazoned on it,” writes Bloomberg

–According to new data from Google, just 7% of men say they relate to depictions of masculinity in the media. 

Figure 1, the “Instagram for doctors,” enables medical professionals to learn and discuss patient conditions in real time using a smart app. Via Fast Company.

–”The mall of the future will have no stores,” proclaims the Wall Street Journal, pulling examples of innovation from Michigan to Seattle…

–…while Business of Fashion explores how strip malls are going upscale to “make shopping fun again.”

–Teens are “going crazy” for these apps that send stories (or books) over SMS, writes TechCrunch.

–What retail crisis? The Wall Street Journal explores how Zara has managed to outperform its competitors in a difficult brick-and-mortar environment.

–Facebook will be the next tech giant to enter the original content market with Last State Standing, its new show from the team behind American Ninja Warrior. Via the Verge.

–Getty Images has teamed up with photographer Campbell Addy to expand the diversity in their stock photo collection. Via Dazed.

–Wahed, a new startup that scans funds for Sharia compliance for Muslim investors, just landed $5 million in financing. Via TechCrunch

–High Art: The Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery will feature the country’s first major Burning Man exhibition. Via DCist.

The Atlantic covers Binky, “a Potemkin-Village social network where the content is fake and feedback disappears into the void.”