Delta Launchpad, anti-anxiety fitness, anti-Cannes agencies.

–Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe allows its Prime users to try on clothes at home, and ship back what they don’t want. What will that mean for the retail industry? Via the New York Times.

–Per new research from Pew, 85% of US readers get their news on a mobile device at least some of the time. Via Fortune.

–How Delta got its groove back: The airline has partnered with Vice for a millennial-friendly event series in LA, New York and Seattle. Via Ad Age.

The Times explores the rise of anti-anxiety fitness, with commentary from The Innovation Group.

–Publicis Groupe will pull out of Cannes Lions and other awards shows next year to focus on Marcel, its internal AI initiative. Via Variety.

–While sales of beer and wine fell around the world in 2016, mixed drinks and cocktails were up by 1.6%. Via the Wall Street Journal.

–IKEA and Apple are teaming up to launch an AR-based shopping app, writes Dezeen.

–Why did Amazon buy Whole Foods? The Atlantic unpacks the deal: “At the simplest level, the deal represents a straightforward confluence of interests.”

–Although “the hype over [virtual reality] has outrun its actual adoption,” in video games, “virtual reality is flourishing,” writes the New York Times.

–The latest solution for the much-beleaguered shopping mall? Medical providers, who are stepping in to fill empty space with wellness centers and even patient care. Via the Wall Street Journal.

Google tracks how pride-themed ads perform, finding “LGBT content provides opportunities well beyond June and beyond this key demographic.”

–Facebook just unveiled a new mission statement: “To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” Via the Verge.

–Native Cosmetics’ newest “brunch” box set includes Rosé, Mimosa, and Sangria scented deodorants. Via Time.