Global Netflix domination, Forever 21 beauty, Amazon Key.

–Cocofloss, which may be the world’s first “fashionable” floss, aims to make flossing part of the beauty routine. Via Fast Company.

–A new study from Bain & Co. shows gen Z and millennials are now driving growth in the luxury market, writes the New York Times.

Fast Company goes inside Netflix’s plans for “global domination,” using Stranger Things as a case study.

–Forever 21 plans to open more than a dozen stand-alone beauty boutiques that cater to its gen Z customers. Via Cosmetics Design.

–Amazon Key allows the company to deliver packages directly into the homes of Amazon Prime members, solving the final step in the delivery chain. Via Recode.

–Chinese tech giants are stepping back from the Middle East, the Wall Street Journal reports.

–Meet the teens making thousands from selling online: The Innovation Groups weighs in on gen Z entrepreneurs, in the Guardian.

–Shine, a wellness-focused messaging app, suggests that brands trying to appeal to millennials “chill with the personalization.” Via Fast Company.

Adweek reports that 85% of millennials are more likely to read an article if it includes images, and 71% find stories with images more credible.

–What matters to Gen Z? School of Doodle’s first trend report includes insights directly from their global community. Via Fast Company.

Dezeen rounds up eight design responses to the current political climate from Dutch Design Week.