Black Friday, smellable VR, the digital pill.

—”Glossier for the boys?” Fast Company profiles Hims, the men’s wellness and lifestyle brand that aims to start a conversation around hair loss and sexual health.

—With sea levels rising from climate change, the Floating Island project is experimenting with the latest in floating cities. Via The New York Times.

–Just 35% of Black Friday millennial shoppers say they’ll shop in store this year, down from 61% in 2015. Via Adweek.

Engadget explores the future of smellable VR, through virtual cocktails and gastronomical experiences.

—The FDA has approved the first digital pill, which includes a sensor that tracks if patients have taken their medication, explains The Verge.

—A six-hour activation let Reddit users steer a robot through escape rooms inspired by popular subreddits, explains AdWeek.

—A new activist hotel in DC aims to appeal to millennials’ love of wellness and social change with a speaker series, reiki and artists-in-residence. Via Fast Company.

—Women’s-only social club The Wing has partnered with The Cut to launch a print magazine, shares AdWeek.

—Pinterest Lens’ latest feature allows users to use visual search technology to browse through their own closets as they decide what to wear. Via TechCrunch.

—Millennials are planning to shop online rather than visit stores this Black Friday, says AdWeek.

—For the Winter Olympics, Visa is encouraging visitors to pay with embedded gloves, pins and stickers, writes Engadget.

—Royal Caribbean’s cruise of the future involves facial recognition check-in counters and virtual restaurants, explains Travel Weekly.

—Netflix has discovered some surprising facts about public viewing habits. Via Wired.