Menopausal femtech, 3D dining, Adobe's visual trends.

–For $10,000, KFC fans can “escape the holiday-related technological noise” in a custom escape pod that blocks all Internet signals. Via AdAge.

McKinsey profiles the Chinese e-commerce consumer, following a Singles Day that saw more sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined in the US.

–Grace is the wearable wristband bringing femtech to menopause, with a cooling system that tackles hot flashes. Via Dezeen.

–In London, Le Petit Chef combines 3D projection and optical illusion for a dining experience intertwined with storytelling. Via Wired.

–Adobe Stock’s top visual trends for 2018 include “silence and solitude,” “the fluid self,” “multi-localism” and more. Via Adobe.

–Up to a third of London’s buses will be powered by a fuel extracted from coffee grounds, in partnership with Shell and J. Walter Thompson London, writes Engadget.

–Can an AI predict a neighborhood’s political leanings based on Google’s Street view? Via The Memo.

–With meat alternatives on the rise, TGI Friday’s will offer vegan burgers made with Beyond Meat beginning in January. Via Well + Good.

–Facebook is using artificial intelligence to flag mental health problems in posts, rather than wait for user reports, writes TechCrunch.

–Could Framlab’s innovative honeycomb-shaped pods tackle New York City’s homeless problem? Dezeen explores.

–Germany’s “Idea Train” of the future will include spin bikes, big-screen TVs, video games, privacy pods and more, reports Condé Nast Traveler.

–Pharrell’s latest song will remain in the vault for 100 years to raise awareness about climate change, writes W Magazine.