Can artificial intelligence (AI) make you pregnant? One company at CES 2018 certainly hopes so.

Mira, an enterprise based in San Francisco’s Bay Area, has created Mira Fertility, a monitoring system that leverages machine learning to track ovulation and hormone levels, and suggest how probable it is that a user will get pregnant at a given time. All the user has to do is urinate on disposable test swabs and pop them into the device, which measures just 2.6 inches wide; Mira will then combine data from the sample with personalized information about a user’s lifestyle, diet and fitness, and deliver a fertility likelihood percentage on a linked app.

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“One difference from any other menstrual cycle tracker is personalization,” Mira CEO Zheng Yang says, explaining that the device gives users “very precise and personalized fertility information on when they need to try, besides information about their hormone levels and their menstrual cycle.”

Yang, who has a PhD in physics and has worked for 10 years on applying mathematical models to medical issues, underlines that Mira Fertility has been tested in official clinical trials covering more than 200 cases, which have established the device’s accuracy at close to 99%.

WEB_mira analyzer and test strips
Mira analyzer and test strips

He also explains that data from the app can be stored in the cloud, in a format that is easy to share with a doctor if necessary. Mira Fertility—which is registered with the FDA and CE—is scheduled to debut in the second quarter of 2018 in the United States and shortly thereafter in Europe.

Yang says it could be the first of a new class of AI-powered healthcare consumer electronics. “Currently we are working on a product line that focuses not only on fertility but also on pregnancy and also diseases, like infectious diseases, chronic diseases, kidney function,” he explains. “We are going to design a series of products using this technology.”

WEB_Mira Product Lifestyle-green
Mira Fertility

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