Banana bitcoin, Tesla's drive-in, comic book VR.

–A Sufi VR experience at Sundance aims to help people work through ingrained bias against Muslims through participating in a Sufi dance ritual. Via Engadget.

–A new data visualization tool ranks cities by how LGBTQ-friendly they are, writes Co.Design.

–The newest cryptocurrency is bananacoin, a blockchain option linked to the price of 1kg of bananas, says Grub Street.

–Elon Musk is planning to create a drive-in restaurant at a Tesla Supercharger location, for customers to use while they’re powering up their electric cars. Via Eater.

–The Black Eyed Peas and Marvel have teamed up to create a VR comic book experience, shares Forbes.

–KFC has introduced their first female Colonel Sanders, explains TIME.

–Spotify Germany is pairing customers with shelter dogs who share their music taste, writes AdWeek.

–Shiseido launched a teen brand featuring products created by high school girls, explains Retail in Asia.

–WhatsApp has launched a platform for small businesses to communicate with their customers, says Business Insider.

–Amazon’s cashier-free convenience store uses sensors to track purchases, which allows shoppers to walk out with their groceries. Via Dezeen.

–A new app helps Alzheimer’s patients recognize family and friends and track appointments, shares Fast Company.

–As a line of microhotels pop up in New York City, Ace Hotels is launching their own budget-friendly hotel in the Bowery. Via Condé Nast Traveler.