Kodak cryptocurrency, wearable nail art, subway sneakers.

The Telegraph UK explores Gucci’s latest restaurant and concept store in Florence.

–Selfridges is hosting a pop-up bar where visitors can drink superfood shots, explains the Financial Times.

–Kodak has launched a cryptocurrency for photographers to securely manage their work, shares The Verge.

–L’Oreal’s UV Sense wearable is now nail art, through a sunlight-powered appliqué that tracks UV exposure. Via Co.Design.

–To target expecting mothers, IKEA’s latest print ad functions as a pregnancy test to reveal a discount on cribs. Via AdWeek.

–Sgnl’s wristband lets users receive calls through raising a finger to their ear, writes Dezeen.

Fast Company explains Dell’s journey towards a circular supply chain through creating a jewelry line out of electronic waste.

–Avon is entering the ingestible beauty market with a line of supplements, shares Well + Good.

–As over half of UK adults are “adopting vegan-buying behavior”, Tesco has launched the largest own-brand range of vegan meals. Via The Guardian.

–Johnson & Johnson has launched a Digital Beauty Innovation Group to focus on skincare, health and digital technology, writes Women’s Wear Daily.

–Twitter’s new accessibility settings add image descriptions to pictures to allow blind people to experience visual content. Via Huffington Post UK.

–Shiseido has acquired second-skin technology that can create a breathable, invisible layer to enhance skincare, shares Women’s Wear Daily.

–Adidas has released a pair of sneakers that double as a fabric Berlin subway pass, explains Co.Design.