Fenty Beauty for men, AR packaging, the meatball of the future.

–The Egg House is New York’s latest pop-up, with installations that imagine the home of a fictional egg character called Ellis. Via Bon Appétit.

–Facebook is building a village for its employees in Menlo Park, shares the New York Times.

–Fenty Beauty’s latest ad continues their mission of inclusivity through exploring make up for men, says Dazed.

–eBay has launched an AR feature that helps users test out different sizes of packaging, writes Engadget.

–IKEA has imagined “the meatball of the future” for a more sustainable society, which uses zero actual meat, announces Fast Company.

–Zara is introducing AR window displays, which lets users see different looks on models and shop their outfits, explains Business of Fashion.

–Lufthansa is experimenting with biometric boarding, using facial recognition instead of boarding passes, says Condé Nast Traveler.

–A Glossier rep has created an Instagram account dedicated to images of brown people wearing Glossier products, shares Teen Vogue.

–Walmart is trying to revolutionize farming by using drones to pollinate crops instead of bees, writes Dezeen.

–Wealthy Chinese tourists are heading to the Himalayas to seek adventure, announces Jing Travel.

–A study by Manchester Metropolitan University finds that eating frozen food reduces waste by nearly half, discusses About Manchester.

–As more brands pay attention to the plus-sized market, an online retailer called CoEdition has launched to target the plus-sized consumer, explains Business Insider.