Tech jeans, transgender makeup classes, the Happy Cafe.

–An exhibit at NYCxDesign created the world’s first waste-free bistro, where everything in the interior could be reused or recycled, writes Designboom.

–In response to research showing how sleep affects exercise performance, Equinox is developing a personalized coaching program that “helps members reach their sleep potential.” Fast Company explores.

–Jeans are being redesigned for the tech age, with microfiber pockets to clean phone screens and a coin pocket for credit cards. Via Fortune.

–In celebration of Pride Month, Sephora is launching a complimentary makeup class for transgender, transitioning, and non-binary people to “discover products that work for their desired self-expression”, explains Elle.

–Wales’ first Happy Cafe aims to boost wellbeing and help guests relax and recharge, from offering them hug coupons to providing mindfulness training. BBC investigates.

–As the food industry makes strides towards sustainability, travel is not far behind, with Alaska Airlines banning single-use plastic straws, announces Condé Nast Traveler.

–Walmart has released a members-only personal shopping service for affluent New York City moms, which lets them purchase products and get recommendations through text message, says Recode.

–Korea’s baby-faced make-up trend has “come full circle to influence beauty and grooming trends among children,” with YouTube videos of toddlers getting their eyelashes curled and hair permed, explains South China Morning Post.

–In a bid to reduce food waste, Tesco is removing the best before dates on its produce, discusses The Independent.

–Facebook Marketplace has launched a new home services feature, which lets users order plumbing and cleaning services through the social network, writes The Verge.

–As affluent buyers search for five-star homes, hotels are using their credibility to sell them ultra-luxury branded residences, says Forbes.

–Amazon is selling facial recognition technology to the police, which can identify up to 100 people in a crowd, reports the Washington Post.