"Climate positive" burgers, lab-grown diamonds, wine water.

–Trove is a wearable cryptocurrency wallet concept that allows users to securely carry around digital currency for everyday spending and trading, says Designboom.

–Moon Juice has launched Beauty Shroom, a new line of super-herb skincare which aims to “mitigate the effects of stress on the body,” reports Vogue.

–Swedish chain Max Burger hopes to create “climate positive” burgers by planting trees and using wind energy to offset 110% of the company’s carbon emissions. Via Fast Company.

–De Beers, the world’s largest diamond retailer, is selling lab-grown diamonds to appeal to budget-conscious millennials, writes Moneyish.

–A new startup has created wine-infused water as a refreshing, non-alcoholic summer drink, shares Bustle.

The Telegraph reports on Westfield’s 2028 retail vision for a new “high tech future with AI walkways and sensory gardens” shopping mall.

–Samsung has created a smart greenhouse for the home, which lets users harvest crops indoors through planting seeds in capsules and monitoring their environment via a smartphone app, explains Engadget.

–ASOS and Crayola have collaborated on a gender-fluid makeup line, announces AdWeek.

Wallpaper investigates the world’s first augmented reality tool for designers, which lets users project their work into the real world and “design beyond the screen.”

–Neiman Marcus has launched the Idea Factory, an innovation incubator that is bringing custom-mixed products, personalized apparel from graffiti artists, and candle making to its stores. Via WWD.

The Business of Fashion explores China’s influencer incubator industry and the companies that are training young women to become live streamers.

–Lyft is integrating public transport into its shared rides to make travel more efficient, shares Wired.

–Sephora is hosting its first beauty convention, Sephoria, which will include interactive rooms and immersive experiences, writes Glamour.