Smart clothing, flop accounts, interior decorating disruption.

–London’s Design Festival will feature a “mind-powered airship,” which translates brain signals into movement using an EEG headset and is intended to encourage meditation. Via Dezeen.

Elle explores the rise of the male beauty salon in the UK and its effect on masculinity and gender equality.

–Tommy Hilfiger has released a clothing line with built-in Bluetooth chips that track usage and rewards wearers, Adweek reports.

–As Twitter battles political toxicity, teens are migrating to Instagram flop accounts to discuss hot-button political issues, The Atlantic explores.

–Clare, an interior paint company, is bringing simplicity and convenience to the search for the perfect paint color, Fast Company states.

–By 2025, Levi’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their factories by 40%, writes the Wall Street Journal, making them the latest mass-market retailer to pledge sustainability.

–Book publishers are turning to YouTube to reach a younger audience, New York Times explains.

–Willow, a new direct-to-consumer underwear brand for adults with incontinence, will target underserved older generations, writes Bloomberg.

Quartz discusses the economic phenomenon surrounding MacDonald’s new currency, the MacCoin.

–Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has created an app that helps talented creators find collaborators and break into the entertainment industry, Business Insider explores.

–Premium made-to-measure menswear brand Eison Triple Thread is using Spotify data to recommend outfits, Racked investigates.