Inactivity trackers, personalized nutrition, Ziploc luxury.

–Necessary Explosion is a new app that turns songs into interactive AR sculptures to create ‘music that you can see,’ writes Designboom.

–Harrods is launching the world’s first skincare products made from liquid silk, which use the sustainable fiber for its firming properties. Business of Fashion investigates.

–Forget fitness–Couch Potato is an “anti-step tracker that rewards you for lounging,” explains Mashable.

–To keep up with diet-focused consumers, new app Pinto scans products and creates personalized food labels to make grocery shopping easier. Via Fast Company.

–Upcycling meets high fashion with a new line of plastic accessories from Ziploc and Japanese brand Beams Couture, reports Bustle.

–Chobani has designed a tube of squeezable yogurt, positioning the product as a versatile condiment that can be a healthy swap for other toppings, writes AdWeek.

–ClassPass is breaking into wellness tourism with a new Getaway feature that lets members book vacations and events, discusses Well + Good.

–Diageo has created a range of edible flavored straws that compliment their canned cocktails and are a plastic-free alternative. Via Cosmopolitan.

–Generation Z is reinventing the gap year, favoring work experience and volunteering over travel, shares The Telegraph.

–For its launch in India, IKEA has designed solar powered electric rickshaws to make deliveries, says Dezeen.

–Meliá Hotels now offers their guests wearable bracelets that let them make payments within the resort and unlock their doors, announces Skift.

–McDonalds goes luxury with its first reservation-only restaurant in London, “complete with red carpets, burgundy velvet curtains and candelabras.” ABC News explores.