Crypto wallets, virtual editors, creative banking.

–Dunkin’ Donuts unveiled a tiny home that is powered by biofuel extracted from used coffee grounds, Eater says.

Retail Dive discusses microstores, a new retail concept for transitioning DTC brands offline with short term, turnkey spaces.

Forbes explores a physical, un-hackable vault that stores cryptocurrency for ultimate protection.

–Dazed named virtual influencer Lil Miquela as a new contributing editor, raising questions about authenticity, Quartzy reveals.

–Anna, a new banking app tailored to creative professionals, hopes to make administrative tasks easier for designers, artists and freelancers, Dezeen announces.

–Facebook is extending their new requirements for political ads to the UK in an effort to make political advertising more transparent across the globe, BBC reports.

–Makeup artists are using surreal beauty illusions to explore the boundaries of reality. Via Dazed.

–Uber and Lyft are offering free rides to polling places on November 6th “in an effort to mobilize those without access to transportation,” shares Refinery29.

–Harry’s, the popular men’s DTC shaving brand, is launching a women’s grooming line, “changing the dialogue around shaving and helping normalize hair removal,” writes AdWeek.

–The Wall Street Journal explores the implications of autonomous vehicles and how they could reshape our lives.

–This stylist helps her clients find smart, fashionable outfits that work with their disabilities and is on a mission to make adaptive clothing more readily available, says Vox.