Social experiment hotels, trash couture, waterless beauty.

–Iron Ox, the US’s first autonomous robotic farm, is using AI-enhanced machinery in an effort to alleviate labor shortages and other issues facing the agricultural industry, The Guardian reveals.

Vox explores how sleep has become the newest luxury commodity.

–The Everly Hotel in Los Angeles wants to turn your stay into a social experiment, in hopes of encouraging social connections and building a better sense of community, The Independent reports.

–Chilean fashion brand Novedades is creating luxury fashion from plastic bags as a commentary on excessive waste in the fashion industry. Via i-D.

Glossy investigates brands’ growing interest in waterless beauty, as consumers become more conscious of environmental impact.

–Colleges are opening ‘Trans Closets,’ offering a safe, judgment-free space for transgender, transitioning and non-binary students to shop for clothing, Dazed shares.

–COTY is launching two new mens’ haircare lines targeting Millennial, Gen Z consumers and “slasher culture,” announces WWD.

–Muji wants you to live with your coworkers with new concepts designed in response to urban overpopulation and long commutes. Via Fast Company.

–Target is making a play for the growing budget market with a new line of toiletries priced at $1-$2, Bloomberg reports.

–WeWork hopes to rejuvenate retail with a network of in-house stores, “angling its physical assets and membership base to become a retailer in its own right,” says Digiday.

–Starbucks aims to ease the strain for working parents by offering subsidized babysitting for its employees, shares the LA Times.

–Dazed is launching ‘Dazed+Labs,’ which offers free classes and mentoring opportunities for creative professionals, WWD reveals.

–Facebook is throwing its hat into the home-device ring with an at-home assistant designed for video calls, writes Quartz.