Maternity moons, digital nutrition, robot caregivers.

–Airbnb is expanding into architecture and urban planning with Backyard, “an endeavor to design and prototype new ways of building and sharing homes,” Fast Company announces.

–Disney and Audi are envisioning new ways to spend “the 25th hour” – Audi’s term for newly recoverable time when your car drives itself – with a bespoke media format created expressly for autonomous vehicles, Endgadget shares.

–Maternity moons see new parents taking full advantage of maternity and paternity leave by traveling the world with their newborns, reports Conde Nast Traveler.

Medium explores the importance of “digital nutrition” as a pillar of health for more mindful consumption of media in the digital age.

–Robots aren’t often associated with emotional support, but a new humanoid robot is helping Alzheimer’s patients battle loneliness and boost moods in nursing homes, explains The New York Times.

The Wall Street Journal examines Big Tech’s growing footprint in healthcare as Amazon unveils a software that mines health records.

–American fashion label Eckhaus Latta offers a counterpoint to experiential retail with a new brick-and-mortar store that is “more like a spiritual retreat than a store,” writes Vogue.

–Olympic medals for the Japan 2020 summer games will be minted from recycled cell phones, BBC reveals.

Adweek discusses how brands like IHOP, Dunkin’ and Planters are collaborating with breweries to leverage the growing craft beer movement.

–A new platform that scouts tech talent predicts that gamers will be the next varsity athletes, recruited to compete in e-sports leagues and tournaments. Via Fast Company.

–Ikea wants to make “homes the new farmland” with their new urban farming initiative, which aims to promote locally-sourced produce for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, says Dezeen.

–This French communications agency is bringing culture to haute couture by connecting luxury brands with art institutions, galleries and historic sites, WWD shares.

The Guardian explores why Netflix viewing parties are gaining popularity among millennials.