ManKind Project, the venue of the future, Pinterest personal styling.

–Glow-in-the-dark ramen is on the menu at pop-up-restaurant-meets-theatre, “where everything edible will glow and every aspect of the experience is steeped in story,” says Atlanta Magazine.

–Harvard scientists will experiment with dimming the sun in an attempt to counteract global warming. Via Dezeen.

–As awareness of toxic masculinity grows, ManKind Project is encouraging men to focus on their emotional well-being in an effort to “break down patriarchal and hierarchical ideas of masculinity,” writes The New York Times.

–The MSG Sphere theatre aims to reinvent the live entertainment industry with targeted sound, haptic flooring and the largest LED display in the world, Rolling Stone reveals.

–Pinterest and Levi’s have teamed up to create a personal styling tool that mines Pinterest data to create personalized boards, Glossy explains.

Vogue explains how women’s attitudes towards shaving are shifting.

–More people are turning to social media to read the news than print newspapers according to new data from Pew Research, Fast Company announces.

Wired explores how Nike, Alibaba and Walmart are using technology to reinvent retail.

The Wall Street Journal investigates how loneliness is defining an American generation.

–Meditation is the fastest-growing activity in the booming $4.2 million US wellness industry, Quartzy reports.

–Airbnb is now offering private tours of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, reports Vogue.

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