Inclusive gaming, escape the corset, blockchain fashion.

–Pantone named Living Coral as color of the year 2019, explaining that the color was chosen for its “life-affirming” and “nurturing” message, says The Washington Post.

Quartz explores how Perennials – not millennials – are driving employment benefit programs.

–Google is working to make gaming more inclusive with programs that help “kids with varying degrees of physical ability to communicate, play, and create,” writes Fast Company.

The New York Times delves into the “escape the corset” movement that sees South Korean women rebelling against the country’s restrictive and unrealistic beauty standards.

–French media company L’Officiel has introduced a blockchain-based platform to incentivize engagement between L’Officiel, its advertisers and consumers. Via Glossy.

–Over 90% of European startup funding is being awarded to all-male companies, Wired reports.

Vox explains the rise of the grocery store as a social gathering space.

–Kickstarter has introduced a resource center designed to encourage sustainable practices among companies, says Dezeen.

–Chanel will stop selling pieces made with exotic animal skins, making it the first legacy brand in the luxury category to do so, BBC reveals.

–A new study shows that opinions about gender equality in the US vary drastically between home and work life, reports The New York Times.

–Zara is branching into beauty with a new cosmetics line set to launch for Christmas, announces The Independent.

–The iconic “I Amsterdam” sign, which had become a popular Instagram spot, was taken down in an effort to cut down on tourist traffic, The Telegraph shares.