Episode 6: Nutrition futures

Featuring Amanda Shapiro, editor, Healthyish and Rachel Drori, founder, Daily Harvest.

Food is not only tasting better than ever before, but is also being recognized as a way to help us feel a whole deal better. Our sixth episode takes a look at the future of food in the context of health and wellbeing, tracking our changing attitudes to nutrition. People are increasingly looking to food as a preventative health treatment, with 60% of Americans saying they already make conscious diet choices to prevent medical conditions, according to a Nielsen study. In addition, JWT Intelligence’s SONAR research shows that 45% of millennials say they try to eat only organic foods and 73% pay attention to food labels. The rise of healthy food comes with chic branding, tasty and easy-to-follow recipes and interesting new ingredients.

Listen in as we speak with Amanda Shapiro, editor of Healthyish, who reinforces the “ish” in “Healthyish” and explains that wellness is not a trend, but a way of life. We’ll also be joined by Rachel Drori, founder of frozen food brand Daily Harvest. Rachel tells us how Daily Harvest is debunking misconceptions around frozen foods and how the brand has gained the support of well-known celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Bobby Flay.

JWT_Amanda Shapiro
Amanda Shapiro
Rachel Drori (6)
Rachel Drori

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