West Elm beauty, modern retail theatre, Generation Alpha

–Biophilia reaches new heights in the design for the Dutch pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, which features a tower of plants that is “more biotope than building” with its own microclimate, says Dezeen. For more on biophilic design, check out trend #34 in The Future 100: 2019.

Refinery29 explores rage rooms, where you can pay to smash things as a form of stress relief.

–West Elm breaks into beauty with their new private label line West Elm Water Street, making it the latest retailer to make a play for the booming beauty industry, Glossy announces.

Dezeen describes modern retail theatre, a new retail concept in Thailand that takes inspiration from movie sets.

The Guardian introduces Generation Alpha, the first group of Millennials’ children who are set to take the stage from Gen Z.

–Chobani launched a line of vegan yogurt, joining the growing veganomics lineup. Via Fast Company.

–Tiffany & Co. is promising total transparency in diamond sourcing, setting a “new paradigm for the diamond industry,” WWD writes.

–Kroger wants to change the way we shop for groceries and take on Amazon with their new tech driven stores, reports Business Insider.

Wired explores the need for a professional gamers’ union, as the e-sports gaming industry grows and players gain unprecedented fame.

–One designer sent otherworldly, bionic and genetically-modified models down the runway at London Men’s Fashion Week as a statement on how humanity could change in the face of AI. Via Dazed.

–Starbucks Reserve Roastery opened in New York City, with 23,000 square feet of roasting operations and cafe as well as a bakery, mixology bar and co-working space, writes Dezeen.

Main image courtesy of V8 Architects