Snowplow parenting, poppy apocalypse, CBD fragrance.

Designboom introduces Sushi Singularity, a new restaurant concept that will collect bio samples from diners to create 3D printed sushi tailored to individual health requirements.

–An Australian company is giving employees 12 weeks of “life leave” annually in a bid to increase employee engagement, says Travel and Leisure.

The New York Times explores how “snowplow parents” are robbing their children of adulthood.

–A small city in California declared a public safety crisis after thousands of tourists descended to witness the famous poppy fields, reports Vice.

WWD describes CBD fragrance, the newest format for the buzzy wellness ingredient.

–New neuroscience research shows that people don’t become “adults” until their thirties, reports BBC.

–Amazon released a new in-house line of affordable skincare. Via Well + Good.

–Men’s sexual wellness brand Ro launched Rory, a line of products and Telehealth platform for menopausal women, writes Fast Company.

–Sephora is launching a credit card program, ramping up their customer rewards and loyalty offerings, reports Retail Dive.

–Netflix is debuting a new interactive series in an effort to redefine the future of storytelling. Via Variety.

–Instagram has announced an in-app payment feature, further blurring the lines between social media and commerce, shares Fast Company.