Toddler coding, Instagram therapists, moderate cocktails.

–A new restaurant in Tokyo takes biophilic design to new depths with a grotto-like interior. Via Dezeen.

BBC investigates the growing interest in untreated water.

–Coding classes for pre-schoolers are gaining traction in the UK, with the approach that “coding can be taught to children the same way they learn to read,” writes Wired.

The New York Times explores how mental health professionals are taking to Instagram to engage “the therapy generation” online.

–New direct-to-consumer startup Haus is shaking up the alcohol industry with low-IBV aperitifs as more and more consumers embrace a dry lifestyle, explains Fast Company.

Glossy explores the democratization of wellness.

–Imgur wants to turn meme creation into a profession and has raised $20 million to pay creators, reveals Tech Crunch.

–Gucci has launched an augmented reality app that lets users virtually try on shoes, announces Designboom.

–Airbnb is branching into the luxury space with a new tier of ultra high-end properties, writes Bloomberg.

–NTWRK, the company reinventing the home shopping network for gen Z and millennials, just secured a round of funding led by Live Nation and Drake, reports Fast Company. For more on shoptainment’s latest wave, see trend #63 in The Future 100: 2019.

BBC explores how gaming is becoming the new telethon.