Mindful manicures, food psychiatry, decentralized social media.

–Virgil Abloh envisions what homes will look like in 2035 with his new exhibition Twentythirtyfive. Via Dezeen.

–NASA announced that it will open the International Space Station to tourists as early as 2020, reveals Conde Nast Traveler.

–Wellness-inspired nail salon Sundays offers meditation manicures, melding self-care with nail care, reports The New York Times.

Well + Good explores nutritional psychiatry, an emerging field that leverages diet as a way to manage mental health.

–New Life.AI takes a democratic approach to social media, with a decentralized platform that is governed by its users; cryptocurrency- and AI-driven; with no ads, sponcon or data farming. Via Dazed.

–Native Shoes has created the first fully-biodegradable sneaker made from plant-based materials. Via Hypebeast.

–Email marketing platform Mailchimp is branching out into video content creation with its new “business entertainment platform,” Mailchimp Presents, announces Variety.

–Fans are taking it upon themselves to translate songs and television shows, “helping break down barriers in pop culture,” says i-D.

–Airbnb is taking on travel agencies with the launch a multi-day tour service called Airbnb Adventures, shares Skift.

Grotesque beauty dominated the runways at Men’s Fashion Week in London, featuring looks that were “otherworldly with a touch of horror,” writes Dazed.

–The mobile-only banking platform Monzo is bringing its “bank of the future” to the US, shares The Verge.