Experiential retail, avant-garde pastries, anti-Instagrammable interiors.

–Designer Gareth Wrighton questions what a post-truth world would look like with his latest fashion collection. Via Dazed Digital. For more dystopian fashion read our trend report, The Anxiety Economy.

–Shiseido launched a new beauty subscription service called Optune, which promises “perfect skin” for consumers, writes Bloomberg.

–Lululemon has opened a one-stop wellness stop in the form of a 20,000-square-foot “experiential” retail store in Chicago. The venue will encompass everything health-related, from fitness studios to a restaurant. Reports Well + Good.

–A new pastry school called  L’Atelier, opens in Barcelona pushing the food aesthetics into unique and precious avant-garde treats. Via Wallpaper.

Dezeen explores why London’s Lucky Cat restaurant “deliberately went dark” to create the anti-Instagrammable interiors.

–Snapchat has tapped Arnold Schwarzenegger and a list of other celebrities to front their own short form shows as part of the Creator Shows. Via BBC.

–This September will see the launch of Haus Laboratories, Lady Gaga’s new make-up line which is launching exclusively through Amazon, writes Allure.

–Walmart is using virtual reality to identify high performers within the organization for prospective promotions into management positions in all 4,600 stores. Reports Fast Company.

The New York Times investigates why a new screen-free parenting coach economy is becoming popular choice for homes and schools to raise phone-free children.

–UK’s National Health Service (NHS) teams up with Amazon to offer patients health advise through Alexa, reports The Guardian.

–Millennials have “replaced religion with astrology and crystals” writes the LA Times.