Voice command gaming, AR art, wearable AC.

–The world’s first “medical gym” opened in London, with services like a Spine Lab inspired by aerospace training technology, an in-house MRI and an IV infusion menu, writes Wallpaper.

–Adidas and Stella McCartney have designed a biodegradable dress made from vegan spider silk in collaboration with Bolt Threads. Via Dezeen.

–Amazon is dipping a toe into voice-controlled gaming through Alexa, reports Technology Review.

–Apple has designed a series of augmented reality public art installations across the globe, writes Designboom.

–Amidst global heat waves, Sony announced designs for a new portable, wearable air conditioner, says Designboom.

Refinery29 introduces Nuuly, “the biggest innovation to hit the rental market since Rent The Runway.”

–A new non-invasive mind-altering technique is finding favor among athletes, musicians and business elite, announces Wired.

–Equinox Hotel, which opened its first location in New York City earlier this month, is betting on the loyalty of its superfans to find success, reports Bloomberg. For more on fantail, see trend #62 in The Future 100: 2019.

The Guardian explores the politicization of testosterone in the era of “soft” masculinity.

–Depop, the fashion retail app defining gen Z style, is hosting an IRL pop-up at British luxury department store Selfridges, reveals Dazed.

Glossy explores how artificial intelligence is disrupting the fragrance industry.

Main image of  the entrance at Lansehorf at The Arts Club. Image courtesy of Lansehorf at The Arts Club.