TikTok's viral priest, Beeb, eSport influencers.

–Natalist is a new subscription service startup aiming to make the fertility journey for women educational and easier, via Fast Company.

Vice investigates the possibility of “Shroom Therapy” after Denver and Oregon have legalized magic mushrooms.

–A priest has “combined the trends of TikTok with what he calls his brand of “churchy” humour. The result is a strange, intoxicating mash-up of the old and the new, the sacred and the silly.” Reports The Guardian.

–The BBC will be going up against Alexa, Google and Siri with the launch of digital voice assistant, Beeb.

–Are gamers the new influencers? Esport star Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, has signed a collaboration with apparel brand Adidas, reports The Verge.

The Wall Street Journal investigates the shifting values of Americans in response to the on-going political climate. For more on this subject read The Political Consumer trend report.

–Experimental Gastronomy is slowing down the dining experience with novel cutlery, writes Wired.

Dazed Digital investigates a study that links air pollution with depression, bipolar diagnoses and personality disorder.

–London is using heat from the underground system to generate energy for homes and businesses vying for a more sustainable city, reports The Guardian.

–Wellness retreats are upping their game offering broader wellbeing options such as biomarkers and shamans, says CN Traveler.

–Instagram influencers continue to lose credibility, the BBC questions whether we have stopped believing?

–Yelp has introduced a new personalization feature that can make refined suggestions based on the user’s lifestyle interest, dietary restrictions and accessibility, via The Verge.