Amazon Paycode, Tinder launches original video content and more

Wired sits down with Björk and her creative director James Merry for a deep-dive into their latest project Vulnicura VR, a story of “heartbreak and emotional journey following the end of a relationship.”

–The latest all natural baby food brand to join the market is Cerebelly which launched this week and offers “brain-focused” food that nourishes specific regions of the brain, writes Refinery29.

–Amazon broadens its payment options with the announcement of PayCode, where online shoppers can pay with cash. Vox says the service is “the company’s latest attempt to court Walmart shoppers.”

–Tinder will be launching its first original video content, and the first multi-episode series has an apocalyptic storyline, says Reuters.

The Telegraph investigates how to teach children financial literacy in a cashless age.

–Gen Zers are leading protests for climate action, ahead of the upcoming Youth Climate Strike, writes Teen Vogue.

–Lego is asking children to help ‘rebuild the world’ in its latest campaign, says Designboom.

The Squeeze is i-D‘s latest chat show on Instagram that just launched, the first episode touches on hot topics including Fatphobia, abortion rights, and Kanye West.

Wired examines investigates the latest surveillance tech around the world (beyond facial recognition) that potentially strips everyone of anonymity.