Menopause tech, makeup of the future, commercial spacesuits.

–Porsche and Boeing are partnering to create electric flying cars, announces Skift.

–This robotic pillow mimics breathing patterns to help users fall asleep. Via Designboom.

–Fashion and beauty brands are embracing technology to create products for menopausal women, writes The Guardian.

–Ines Alpha is creating the “makeup of the future,” writes Wired.

–Virgin Galactic and Under Armour partnered to design spacesuits for the first intergalactic tourists. Via CNBC.

–Dior is the latest luxury brand to alienate Chinese consumers, explains Dazed.

–California is paving the way in environmental and ethical legislature, becoming the first state to ban plastic toiletry bottles in hotels, announces Quartz, and the first state to go fur-free, reports Refinery29.

–Timeshifter is a new app that cures jet lag with light therapy, reveals Wired. For more on circadian rhythms, see trend #86 in The Future 100: 2019.

–New legislation makes New York the first state to require ingredient labels on menstrual products, reports Harper’s Bazaar.

–IndieCade is bringing the “future of underground gaming” to Santa Monica, writes the LA Times.

–San Francisco may establish an Office of Emerging Technology to prevent ‘reckless’ tech rollouts, reveals Engadget.

Main image courtesy of Porsche