Self-care cruises, Gross Domestic Product, superhero podcasts.

—Exit Here is a new funeral parlor in London “breaking the taboos surrounding life and death,” writes Wallpaper.

—Fortnite is now a Harvard Business School case study, pointing to the gaming industry’s growing impact, reveals Bloomberg.

—Virgin’s new “Vitamin Sea” cruise emphasizes wellness and self-care, offering yoga, meditation and a spa with quartz beds and hydrotherapy, says The Cut.

BBC explores how social media is changing the music industry.

—L’Oreal is strengthening its ties with beauty tech startups thanks to an investment in VC fund Cathay Innovation, reports WWD.

—Instagram is battling unrealistic beauty expectations and body dysmorphia by banning plastic surgery effect filters, reports i-D.

—Banksy’s new online store caters to an increasingly anxious future with riot helmets, stab-proof vests and CCTV baby mobiles. Via Dezeen.

—Marvel is expanding its universe to a new medium with a superhero podcast, announces NPR.

—Always has removed the female symbol from its packaging to be more inclusive of non-binary and transgender customers. Via Refinery29.

—NBC is developing a new television show based on esports, says Engadget.

—The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that cops need a warrant to access data collected by and stored in cars, announces Vice.

Main image courtesy of Exit Here, © Agnese Sanvito.