Hedonistic sustainability, pacifist gaming, virtual therapy.

–Florist Harriet Parry reinterprets fashion, film and fine art as floral arrangements, shares Vogue.

–Geena Davis is partnering with Disney to increase diversity and inclusion in films with AI technology that “spellchecks” scripts for gender and racial bias, announced The Hollywood Reporter.

–This revolutionary clean power plant in Copenhagen burns waste to generate energy and doubles as a public ski slope, reveals Quartz.

–Concrete Genie is bringing a new perspective to gaming by encouraging players to “fight negativity and bullying with art,” says Variety.

Dazed explores how virtual therapy is advancing mental health treatment.

–HBO will be adding a mental health warning to triggering shows and resources for accessing mental health services, extending the standard violence and explicit notice, reports Engadget.

–LVMH has just invested in a gen Z streetwear startup with a “mission to make the world a more optimistic place by creating conversations around mental health,” writes Fast Company.

–Google offers a tool to help cities measure and reduce pollution and emissions levels. Via BBC.

–Digitally native beauty brand Morphe is launching in-store video content studios to bolster its brick-and-mortar presence, explains Glossy.

–Part art installation, part pollution detector, POOL+ floats in New York’s East River and changes color to signal poor water quality, announces CNBC.

–Rwanda launched the first “Made in Africa” smartphones, taking a step towards the country’s goal of becoming a regional tech hub, reports Reuters.

Main image of “homme 99” by Loribelle Spirovski, courtesy of Loribelle Spirovski; flower interpretation by Harriet Parry.