Uber Money, AI interviews, airline sleep coaches.

–A new luxury skincare line developed by a Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry is the latest example of overlap between the beauty and science worlds. Via Cosmetics Business.

–An AI sculpture at Microsoft headquarters is able to perceive and react to the emotions of viewers, describes Wallpaper.

–Uber is breaking into fintech with their new Uber Money venture, reveals TechCrunch.

–Unilever is using an AI system to assess job candidates by analyzing interviewees’ facial expressions, word choice and body language, writes The Guardian.

–United Airlines is helping passengers combat jet lag with personalized sleep plans, says Travel + Leisure.

–Twitter announced plans to ban political ads, reports The New York Times.

BBC introduces the millennials modernizing France’s funeral services.

–DTC razor brand Billie is encouraging women to grow facial hair and participate in Movember with their latest campaign, reveals Today.

–Isamaya Ffrench predicts that the future of beauty is rooted in DNA and “taking beauty to new levels of creativity,” writes The Guardian.

–Netflix is trying to stay one step ahead of the streaming wars with a new feature that lets viewers watch videos at 1.5x speed, announces Bloomberg.

–Gaming studio Ninja Theory is developing a new initiative to “explore mental health through video games,” writes The Verge.

Main image courtesy of Noble Panacea