Climate school, Spotify AR, Dr. Apple.

–Browns Nomad is turning an abandoned supermarket in Berlin into a high-concept retail store complete with exclusive clothing drops, palm readings and live concerts, reveals Dazed.

–The Faroe Islands are inviting “voluntourists” to come help with environmental maintenance and conservation efforts while the islands are temporarily closed to vacationers, reports CNN.

–Starting in 2020, students in Italy will learn about climate change in their civics, math and science classes, making Italy the first country to mandate climate change in school curriculums, writes Fast Company.

–Spotify and Magic Leap are partnering on a new augmented reality app with an interface that lets users “virtually pin music on the wall,” says Engadget.

The New York Times explores how Apple’s reach is reshaping medical research in light of the tech company’s groundbreaking Apple Heart Study.

–Olympic sprinter Dina Asher-Smith is working with Nike and Virgil Abloh to create a short film that advocates for women and girls in sports. Via Dazed.

–Nike will no longer be selling its products on Amazon in an attempt to create more “direct, personal relationships” with consumers, reports Bloomberg.

–Prada is the first luxury brand to ink a loan with repayment terms that stipulate meeting key targets for sustainable products and operations, announces Dezeen.

Quartz explores the recent rise in green burials.

Refinery29 introduces Estee Laundry, an Instagram account that acts as the beauty industry’s unofficial watchdog.

Main image courtesy of Browns Nomad