Tik Tok politicians, varsity Fortnite, gestural payments.

–Japanese design firm Nendo has created an unmanned coffeeshop in Japan, called Gacha Gacha, where customers make their own coffee, writes Designboom.

–British architecture firm Loyn & Co have revealed plans for a carbon neutral neighborhood in Wales. For more on carbon contributive communities, see trend #21 biocontributive travel in The Future 100: 2020. Via Dezeen.

Business Insider introduces a 26-year-old Congressional candidate who is taking to Tik Tok to campaign.

–A newly announced competitive circuit at schools in the US will make Fortnite an official competitive sport for high school and college students, reveals The Washington Post.

–The Wall Street Journal explores the future of payments with Amazon’s plan “to make your hand your credit card.” For more, see trend #98 new payment gestures in our Future 100: 2020 report.

–YouTube has announced plans to double its original content production this year, focusing on documentary programming, reveals Adweek.

–Google Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has called for standard regulation of artificial intelligence, says BBC.

–Louis Vuitton inked a multi-year deal with the NBA, merging high fashion and professional sports, writes i-D.

–Voters in Seattle will be able to cast their ballots via mobile phone for the first time in upcoming US elections, reports NPR.

–China is taking steps to phase out single-use plastics, including a plastic bag ban in all major cities by the end of 2020, reports The Guardian.

–As part of its Digital Wellbeing initiative, Google released three new features to help consumers disengage, including an envelope “to hide your phone from yourself,” writes The Verge.

Main image courtesy of Nendo.