Woke luxury, emoji jackets, sustainability school.

–Artist James Casebere imagines post-climate change dwellings, projecting “a quiet optimism in the face of catastrophe.” Via Wallpaper.

The Guardian explores the gender bias in sustainability.

–The New York City government is stepping in to address discrimination in luxury fashion, overseeing sensitivity training for Prada, reports The New York Times.

–Automaker Ford wants to make the roads safer for cyclists with its new “emoji jacket” that displays bikers’ emotions to drivers. Via Designboom.

–The North Face is sending its designers back to school to teach them how to “improve the longevity of the garments they make,” writes Fast Company.

–CNN is launching a culinary documentary series starring Stanley Tucci, announces Deadline.

–Designer Tanya Taylor is forgoing New York Fashion Week this year, instead releasing five short star-studded films and a digital lookbook. Via Nylon.

Glossy unpacks the migration of oral-care brands to the beauty aisle.

–A newly proposed Dutch neighborhood is designed around car-free urban living, where there will be “one shared car for every households,” describes Fast Company.

–Vegan fashion in the UK will have new government-mandated regulations to standardize products marketing themselves as animal-free, reveals The Guardian.

–Dyson has patented a new wearable air purifier with built-in headphones, announces Engadget. For more on protective tech see trend #11 in The Future 100: 2020.

Main images courtesy of James Casebere and Sean Kelly