A glossary of the words that will define 2020.

Eight words you need to know in 2020, adapted from The Future 100: 2020.

Nike League of Legends
  • Gamefluencers: the gaming and esports stars who are amassing loyal followings, reaching celebrity status and drawing the attention of brands.
  • Carbonomics: a new value system in which financial transactions are informed by an individual’s carbon footprint score.
Atolla's skin health kit
  • Skintellectuals: a rising class of beauty consumers seeking scientific expertise and deep insight into skin health.
  • Voluntourism: a conscientious approach to tourism that prioritizes social good, cultural heritage and environmental conservation.
Oslo Airport City will be energy-positive, generating more clean energy than it uses
  • Biocontributive: a step past carbon offsetting or carbon neutrality; the active contribution of resources for a carbon- and energy-positive future.
  • Supercreatives: the next generation of creatives charting new territory for artistic expression thanks to a digital and multidisciplinary arsenal of tools.
The transhuman duo Fecal Matter was featured in Vogue
  • Transhuman beauty: the evolution of traditional beauty standards in the face of a future where natural ecosystems and human existence may be fundamentally altered.
  • Menotech: an emerging market leveraging technology to innovate menopausal and perimenopausal lifestyles.

For more, download The Future 100: 2020.

Main image courtesy of Oslo Airport City