Meme campaigning, democratic art, interactive education.

–Forgo is a new mix-it-yourself waterless beauty brand that cuts down on carbon emissions and plastic waste. Via Dezeen.

–France has introduced a raft of environmental policies under the new French Office of Biodiversity, including a protected nature reserve surrounding Mont Blanc to cute down on overtourism, announces BBC.

–Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is campaigning with memes on Instagram, reports The New York Times.

–Artist Ai Weiwei has created self-assembled ‘democratic’ artwork to make high art more attainable, says Dazed.

The Verge explores how creators are using video games to make climate change education more engaging.

–British pop rock band The 1975 has committed to only performing at music festivals with gender-balanced lineups. Via The Guardian.

–Theory’s new clothing labelling system prioritizes conscious design by communicating sustainability and ethics alongside material composition, announces Fast Company.

–Teens are using TikTok “as an important springboard for discussion” to critique mental health services, describes i-D.

–High-end wellness drink Dirty Lemon drink is partnering with Walmart as the latest example of how the wellness is being democratized, reports CNN.

–Unilever will stop marketing ice cream to kids for obesity concerns, reveals CNBC.

Main image courtesy of Form Us With Love