Generation Z are today’s teenagers. And they’re full of surprises. Born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, they are the first true digital natives. Making up about a quarter of the population in the UK and US, under-20s have got a lot to say and a lot to spend.

Like the badly behaved older child, millennials are getting all the attention. Ignored is their younger sibling—the ambitious, engaged, sensible child. It’s time we looked at generation Z, a group that wants to change the world, and might just do it.

Unlike millennials, gen Zers have grown up in tough times and, if anything, have watched millennials and learned from their mistakes. They know education needs to be active rather than passive and that unemployment is a real risk. In a celebration of generation Z, energy drink brand Lucozade called them “self-starters, not selfie-takers.” They’re active and aware.