Products from makeup to nail polish to perfume and even tampons are now being pitched to consumers as natural and free of additives and chemicals. Bacteria are no longer seen as a nuisance to be scrubbed away, but part of an ecosystem to be cultivated. Women are even looking for a more “natural” approach to birth control, ditching the pill and instead paying attention to their bodies, with assistance from apps.

Trends explored in depth include, among others:

Waterless Washing

Consumers are realizing the benefits of using less water and detergent, and are looking for products that help them achieve this.

NatureLab Beauty

A wave of natural beauty launches is using the language and processes of laboratory science to support efficacy claims.

Farm to Face

The farm-to-table is spilling over into beauty as consumers expect more information about sourcing and provenance across all sectors.


New products that help return skin to its natural state are in demand as consumers fear the toxins in synthetic creams and rubs.


Rising interest in the health benefits of fermented foods has led to a wave of edible and topical product launches in the beauty sector.

Zero Waste

Mainstream consumers are now interested in recovering calories at the end of a food product’s commercial life cycle, and the idea has even gone upscale.


Packaging designers are now creating edible and biodegradable products using materials inspired by nature.

Natural Feminine Care

Women are reacting against mass-market brands and embracing natural alternatives with an honest, body-positive take on menstruation.