Food and drink have become central to many aspects of consumers’ lives. Chefs are becoming thought leaders. Major innovation, design and technology conferences are zeroing in on food and how we will feed ourselves as the Earth’s population balloons.

Experiences from travel to theater remain a key focus for consumers seeking to enrich their lives. The interesting thread we’ve seen emerge in many sectors is social good being wrapped in to this—examples include visiting a developing nation and helping a charity or taking part in local volunteer work.

Technology continues to be the thread that ties emerging consumer trends together—even outside the technology sector, many trends are driven changing attitudes as people adapt to our increasingly digital culture.

We’re increasingly comfortable with technology that knows us; that is cognitive, intuitive and adaptive to our needs. Vast data pools are creating highly nuanced, granular profiles of consumer behavior. But alongside this comes a rising thread of consumer anxiety and irritation at highly targeted advertising, which we explore further in our brands and marketing section.

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