Women & Work

Women’s financial status is growing, as they increasingly lead businesses and increase their spending power—a global phenomenon across advanced economies and emerging markets. Women’s views of work and domestic life are changing in the wake of shifting social norms, the growing power of single women, rising rates of childlessness by choice, and other factors.

Women & Sex

Female sexuality is no longer taboo, as artists and activists move the discussion around women and sex away from objectification and toward women’s sexual fulfillment. Women are exploring new approaches to sexual pleasure, contraception, dating, and later-years intimacy.

Women & Beliefs

Newly empowered women are seeking communal spaces that double as zones of empowerment, and turning to modern mystics, urban sound baths and spiritual life coaches for guidance. We profile the beauty, fashion and personal care brands already getting wise to the shift.

Women, the Body & Beauty

Diversity and inclusivity have moved from the activist agenda to become base expectations among mass-market consumers when it comes to branding and advertising. We look at the future, more diverse market for beauty and personal care products, including the untapped Muslim market, and also profile the growing integration between beauty and technology.

Women & Age

Women are experiencing a longevity revolution, as they not only live longer but also refuse to “act their age” in ever-greater numbers. As the number of older female consumers balloons in the coming decades, brands need to be prepared to reach this growing cohort. From Silicon Valley to solo travel, we look at examples of innovators catering to the evolving needs of the 50-plus set.

Female Youth

It is impossible to imagine the future of women without considering generation Z. Today’s teenage girls live in a unique world of celebrity activism, high-school entrepreneurs and everyday models. But connecting with these digitally literate, globally connected and hyper-aware young women may prove to be marketers’ toughest challenge yet.

Women & Lifestyle

Today, women aren’t just in control of their working lives, they’re taking charge of their downtime and reshaping the lifestyle industries according to their needs. Female consumers are calling for changes and reshaping industries from media to travel. As in many other sectors, once-taboo activities are on the table for women to enjoy candidly, creating new opportunities as quickly as old ones disappear.

Women & Consumer Tech

What does the future of women’s tech look like? While some games and wearables are moving into advancing women’s safety, others are beginning to explore gender-neutral appeal. But the latest wave of women’s technology proves that smart, intentional products designed around women’s physical needs are still in high demand.

The Next Billion

While women are the next emerging consumer market, many of them are still waiting in the wings. Across Asia, Latin America, Africa and more, one billion women are projected to enter the workplace for the first time over the coming decade. This massive shift will present one of the largest market opportunities that brands have seen in this century—if they’re prepared ahead of time to take up the challenge.